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Now that the study period is over, please download your personalized assessment to complete your program. Please be advised the Stillman Personal Assessment System may have some incomplete cognitive features at the time of download. Please refrain from reporting any errors you may encounter.


Your assessment includes video and audio effects that may cause mild discomfort. Some visual effects may not be suitable for users with photosensitive conditions. 


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Awesome game! I was very uncormfortable, really cautivated by the atmosphere!! May I ask a little bit more of the context of the game? What is the purpose and the ending meaning? Good work !!!!!

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Hello, i think i might be having tecnical dificulties with the game, on my screen the "CONTINUE" button does not appear on the bottom left, maybe the problem might be my screen resolution, my resolution is 1366x768.

Edit: I lowered the resolution of my monitor to 640x480 and it worked, altought the screen was a little bit off-center, it works until 1024x768, after that the "CONTINUE" button disappears, the problem might be that there is not an option for multiple resolutions for the game.
And by the way, really liked it, creepy atmosphere and was well done for being so simple.

My playthrough


Very interesting. I love the concept! A great game that made me feel very uncomfortable throughout!

Glad to hear!